A three part series from the Discovery civilization channel all about the Tower of London. This is the story of the tower of London, past and present. With unique access to the tower, this series will unlock its private, as well as public life. Revealing the hidden history of well known stories, and uncovering forgotten tower secrets. More than anywhere else in Britain these building have stood at the heart of history for over 900 years. The truth of what happened here is still being discovered. From executions with block and axe, to spies shot in the first world war, it has prisoners as familiar is queen Elizabeth the first, and as recent as World War Two u-boat men.
Episode 1 Fortress With unique access behind the walls and locked doors of the Tower of London, discover how it stayed at the cutting edge of military technology.
Episode 2 The Bloody Tower, Investigates the Tower of London’s notoriety as a place of execution, from the murder of the Princes in the Tower to many aristocratic beheadings. Over the centuries the tower has gained a grim reputation. The murder of the princes in the tower. The execution of lady Jane Grey, the torture of Guy Fox has helped give this place a bloody name. But what really happened within these walls? This is the true story of execution and murder at the tower.
Episode 3 Treasure House – Reveals the remarkable story of the jewels safely housed in the Tower of London, including the Crown Jewels and the largest diamond in the world. The tower of London, built over 900 years ago is a fortress and a palace. From the very beginning walls up to 15 feet thick not only protected kings, they also protected their most valuable possessions. The tower is no longer a working castle or royal residence. But it’s still home to the most famous jewels in the world.