Dinosaurs in the Outback

This documentary is about the evidence real, scientific, and often dramatic, which proves that the Outback of Australia was once a place where dinosaurs roamed in vast numbers. Using live action and 3D animation these compelling reconstructions tell the story of these grand creatures that roamed the land. In this outdoorsy documentary, Dr. Kelly Strzepek guides viewers through a mix of sites and mini-interviews related to the recently discovered “Winton dinosaurs” of Queensland, Australia, including the first hard evidence of big dinosaurs on the Australian continent. Digging crews are composed of eager amateurs as well as trained scientists. Highlights include a close-up demonstration of how tiny stone fragments are removed from fossil bone in the conservation lab with an air chisel and realistic CGI reconstructions of locally found dinosaur species either interacting (bloodlessly) in prehistoric landscapes or lumbering behind the narrator.