Episode 10 Sierra Sasquatch

MonsterQuest uses the latest high tech equipment to take a scientific look at legendary creatures around the world creatures eyewitnesses claim to see to this day. Each episode will examine all the evidence available, from pictures and video to hair and bones, as well as the eyewitness accounts themselves. Believers, skeptics and scientists will weigh in, but what will the evidence reveal? MonsterQuest deals with the search for various cryptozoological creatures (cryptids) and paranormal entities reportedly witnessed around the world.
Episode 1 Death of Loch Ness – The search for the Loch Ness Monster has captivated the world for decades but now a startling realization about “Nessie” might shatter this age-old myth. Could the Loch Ness Monster be dead and do its remains lie hidden at the bottom of the lake? Robert Rines, a world renowned inventor, believes he may have seen the remains of this mythical beast and is on a mission to find evidence to prove it. Rines, who believes he saw the creature surface in the lake in 1972, caught sonar images of the monster’s remains. He believes Nessie’s death may explain the decrease of sightings in recent years. Our search team looks for evidence and deploys the latest technology including remote operating vehicles (ROVs) and sonar and underwater cameras as it goes on the ultimate search for Nessie’s remains.
Episode 2 Cattle Killers – Something mysterious and violent is killing cattle of the North American plains, but what is behind these gruesome attacks satanic cults, an unknown predator, or something previously unknown to man? For forty years there have been thousands of cases of cattle found mutilated under abnormal circumstances, these livestock are found dead, often with their blood drained and organs or body parts removed from their bodies. Abnormally high radiation levels have been detected in the soil near the dead animals when they are found, and the deaths often do not match the pattern of known scavengers. With no apparent footprints or tracks leading to or from the carcasses and strange circles near the site, the mystery only deepens. A MonsterQuest team will gather samples and head to a laboratory to scientifically analyze the most compelling evidence.
Episode 3 Monster Sharks – Great white sharks are the ocean’s deadliest killers and as they swim closer to our beaches, attacks against humans are on the rise. MonsterQuest leads an expedition to tag the first great white in the Atlantic and divers attach a camera to a live great white shark to examine why these monsters are becoming more aggressive predators.
Episode 4 Hillbilly Beast – Legends of a terrifying monster lurking in the back hills of Kentucky date back to the days of frontiersman Daniel Boone, but encounters with this mystery beast are increasing. Witnesses report alleged attacks by the creature and the sounds of ferocious screams from the wilderness. New photographic evidence may hold the key to uncovering the mystery. The MonsterQuest team goes on location to analyze the evidence, and heads deep into the dark forests, where they have their own frightening encounter.
Episode 5 Giant Pythons in America – A deadly, slithering menace is taking over Florida and may be heading north. For more than 100 years, giant pythons have been discovered in parts of the Sunshine State, but since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, their territory has rapidly spread. Now, MonsterQuest searches for incursions in the outskirts of Miami, a population hotspot that is just moments from schools and homes. The team investigates whether pythons could hybridize and adapt, enabling them to threaten every state in the US.
Episode 6 Giant Killer Bees – More than 50 years ago, South American scientists attempted to cross – breed bees that would produce more honey than ever before possible. But instead, they created a monster. Today these giant bees are on the loose, spreading northward and invading US cities. MonsterQuest examines how these killer bees attack with an unseen ferocity and discovers that the bees may be adapting to colder temperatures, making them an even greater threat.
Episode 7 Mothman – A look back to the 1967 reports of the Mothman a mysterious winged creature that terrorized a small West Virginia town and believed to be an omen for disasters such as the collapse of the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River that killed 46 people. Sightings of the creature are reported to this day and a team of investigators use the latest forensic and night – vision technology to try to determine what people are encountering.
Episode 8 Piranha Invasion – For centuries the Amazon has been home to a frightening feeding frenzy of the most ferocious fresh – water monsters known to man … piranhas. These fish are said to mutilate swimmers their teeth cut through “flesh and bone” and the “blood in the water excites them to madness.” Nowthese deadly monsters are appearing in US lakes and rivers. The MonsterQuest team is investigating how they may be adapting, and whether these carnivorous beasts could breed here and devastate our waters.
Episode 9 Lizard Monster – In the fall of 1952, witnesses in Flatwoods, West Virginia, reportedly encountered a nightmarish beast that was human like in appearance but with reptilian skin. The monster hovered over its victims in strange craft, emitted a hissing sound and attacked by releasing noxious gases. Some claimed the beast was the result of mistaken identity and cold war hysteria, but now as sightings continue, MonsterQuest deploys the latest high tech search gear to uncover this mysterious beast that has terrorized this town for almost sixty years.
Episode 10 Sierra Sasquatch – Ancient petroglyphs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains depict footprints left by frightening packs of hairy man like beasts. Now, MonsterQuest heads to the heart of California where witnesses are encountering aggressively territorial packs of Sasquatch. The team will investigate groups of large footprints found here and analyze compelling new video which could be that of the beast.
Episode 11 America’s Wolfman – History says that a large and wolf like beast is the stuff of legend, but recently uncovered film footage and new witnesses say something frightening is out there. MonsterQuest heads into the dark, isolated forests of the Midwest to search for this creature and analyzes the evidence to finally end this mystery.