Bethlehem Steel The People Who Built America

You’ll find it in the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge the stately U.S. Supreme Court building, New York City’s legendary skyline and the vivid memories of thousands of steelworkers. Bethlehem Steel The People Who Built America chronicles more than one hundred forty years of this once colossal company’s rich history as seen through the eyes of those who made steel. Bethlehem Steel. During the twentieth century in the industrial eastern Pennsylvania city of Bethlehem, generations of immigrant families labored at what they called “The Steel.” The mammoth plant offered decent paying jobs and provided workers and their families with a good quality of life. Bethlehem Steel The People Who Built America features fascinating company film-footage showing life in the plant. The Steel rolled wide-flange beams which allowed engineers to take our cities higher and make our bridges longer. During World War II, a record 300,ooo men and women churned out guns, tanks and warship parts at Bethlehem Steel plants across the country. The corporation became the second largest steel manufacturer in the nation and its future looked bright. But changes in technology, the market, and controversial executive decisions proved too much for Bethlehem Steel. In 1998 the company completely closed its original South Bethlehem plant leaving the community stunned, saddened and out of work. But the demise of Bethlehm Steel gave way to a growing and changing new community -a city that lent its name to the once powerful company which helped change American life in the 20th century.