Episode 1 Hitler v. Stalin August 1939

WWII was not just a military conflict. It was also a series of psychological battles waged by the four great leaders Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. In these mental duels, the “warlords” lied, schemed, charmed, flattered and cheated to win. These psychological duels decided the strategy for the greatest battles in history. They were also the epicentre of a seismic shift in world power, from the age of European empires to the age of two ideologically opposed superpowers, with devastating consequences for hundreds of millions of people. This four part examination of World War II leadership examines WWII from a completely unique perspective. Inter-weaving the leaders’ own words with personal recollections and private diaries, it reveals the four warlords as fascinating, flawed, and fully human.
Episode 1 Hitler vs Stalin – August 1939 to June 1941 As World War II begins, the two most extreme proponents of totalitarian violence sign a nonaggression pact. Less than two years later, however, the nominal allies turn on each other. The seeds of Hitler’s betrayal lie in his psyche he foolishly believes that he has already won in Western Europe, and he begins to suspect a secret pact between Churchill and Stalin.
Episode 2 Churchill vs Roosevelt – May 1940 to April 1942 An examination of the mental battles waged between 20th century leaders Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt during the first two years of their relationship. A duel of false promises, evasion and delusion ensued, which was far removed from the more familiar image of friendship and loyalty.
Episode 3 Churchill vs Stalin – June 1941 to June 1943 Churchill v Stalin examines the duel between the British and Russian leaders over what kind of Europe would emerge at the end of the war, a duel during which Roosevelt secretly intervened behind Churchill’s back to decide the outcome.
Episode 4 Roosevelt vs Stalin – July 1944 to April 1945 The last in the series examines US President Franklin D Roosevelt’s policy of giving in to every demand made by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, in the hope of creating a world of peaceful nations – a risky strategy that went disastrously wrong.