Moon Mysteries


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The series features various subjects related to science and technology. Some of the views expressed might be considered fringe or pseudo-scienceand some of the scientists may present opinions which have not been properly peer-reviewed or are not widely accepted within their scientific communities, in particular on topics such as Bermuda Triangle or Atlantis for example.
Season 2
Episode 1 The Big Freeze – Earth plummets into periods of intense cold, time after time. Forget volcanoes, the oceans can trigger far worse, thousand-year freezes. Strangely, global warming could trigger the next big chill.
Episode 2 Moon Mysteries – Without the moon in the sky, would there be life on earth? Naked Science investigates what our world would be like without the moon.
Episode 3 Landslide – Find out what triggers the deadly landslides and also, why do people still build their homes in landslide prone areas.
Episode 4 Close Encounters – Are we the only intelligent species alive in the universe? Scientists are convinced that we are not alone and on the verge of finding other life forms.
Episode 5 Volcano Alert – Find out how volcanologists around the world are able to tell when volcanoes will erupt just by studying ground deformation, temperature changes etc.
Episode 6 Tsunami Warning – Join the governments and scientists in their research to gain greater understanding of how, where and why tsunamis occur and how it can be predicted.
Episode 7 Spacemen – Earth may be destroy one day due to pollution or a meteorite.Meet scientists who are making journeys to Mars and beyond to find the answer.
Episode 8 Pyramids – Magnificent, awe-inspiring and mysterious, Egypt’s Great Pyramid has fascinated humankind for thousands of years. Examine the construction and legends surrounding one of the world’s oldest structures.
Episode 9 Bullets – The bullet has evolved over 200 years from a simple lead ball to the incredibly high-powered rounds of today. With a dizzying number of bullets available now, how do they work and does size matter?
Episode 10 Death Of The Sun – In one way or another, all life on earth relies on the sun. How did this star form, and how does it power itself. When it dies, will it take with it all the life in our solar system?
Episode 11 What’s Sexy – Find out truth about the secrets of sexual attraction. We measures the intricate inner workings of lovers in love, as well as lovers that stray.
Episode 12 Loch Ness – Despite more than 70 years of scientific investigations, no evidences was found on Loch Ness existence. Find out what makes the legend so enduring.
Episode 13 Birth Of The Earth – Earth sustains a huge assortment of living creatures requiring very special conditions, but how did these come about? Uncover the planet’s and solar system’s origins four and a half billion years ago.
Episode 14 Colliding Continents – Where did the land we stand on come from? Travel back in time to see how massive rocks floating on the Earth’s molten mantle became our modern continents. Then visit the Grand Canyon, Iceland and South Africa for a close up of these ancient land masses.
Episode 15 The Deep – The sea floor pressure is so intense that more people have walked on the moon, than have visited the deepest oceanic trench. Home to volcanoes and the longest living animals on the planet Naked Science examines what you’d find if you drained the oceans.
Episode 16 Roman Technology – The Roman Empire collapsed 1500 years ago but much of the technology it developed is used as a blueprint for modern living. With an extremely effective military and advanced weapons, the Roman Empire was one of the world’s earliest superpowers.
Episode 17 Explosive Force – Explosives have advanced rapidly over 300 years from gun powder to the atomic bomb. Enter secret laboratories where scientists seek the perfect combination of stability and destructive force. See how terrorists have usurped this science for their own ends.
Episode 18 Lightning Strike – Faster than a speeding bullet and six times hotter than the surface of the sun, lightning strikes our planet up to eight million times every day. Follow a lightning bolt on its incredible journey from outer space to deep inside the human body.
Episode 19 Birth Of The Universe – A glass of water contains some of the most basic building blocks of matter found in the Universe. Naked Science goes back to the beginning of time to examine the birth of the ingredients.