The Golden Gate Bridge

Modern Marvels celebrates the ingenuity invention and imagination found in the world around us. From commonplace items like ink and coffee to architectural masterpieces and engineering disasters, the hit series goes beyond the basics to provide insight and history into things we wonder about and that impact our lives. This series tells fascinating stories of the doers, the dreamers and sometime schemers that create everyday items, technological breakthroughs and man made wonders. The hit series goes deep to explore the leading edge of human inspiration and ambition. Episode The Golden Gate Bridge – Presents the story of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the foremost man, made tourist attractions in the United States. But at one time, critics said it could never be built. From the start, the project looked impossible. The span of the bay was too wide. The shore was too unstable, the tides too turbulent. Storms battered workers, fog shrouded construction. Yet engineer Joseph B. Strauss’ plans proved to be a masterpiece of design and function. In four years the longest, highest, most spectacular suspension bridge on earth opened to the public, and became one of the greatest symbols of American ingenuity.