Episode 3 War and Peace

Documentary which reassesses the importance of the Crimean War which paved the way for modern warfare and was a urning point for Europe. Using letters, diaries, photographs and paintings the programme focuses on the men and women involved, telling the story in their words.
Part 1 The Reason Why The first programme looks at the reasons behind the war, and why Britain allied itself against Imperial Russia.
Part 2 The Valley of Death – This programme looks at the epic charge of the Light Brigade, when a misunderstood Order sent troops straight into the main Russian artillery during the Battle of Balaclava. It also looks at the later Battle of Inkerman and the work of Florence Nightingale.
Part 3 War and Peace – The final programme looks at the aftermath of the war with Germany, with Italy and Romania springing up from the ashes of the confrontation. Meanwhile, in defeated Russia, the peasants and serfs where sowing the seeds of a future revolution.