Episode 1 The Banquet


For the better part of a millenniumWindsor Castle has been at the heart of British history the awesome fortress, family home, treasure trove and burial ground for the Royal dynasty who went on to take its name. But there is another side to the Castle that tourists never see. It is the real Windsor, a beloved home not only to the Royal family but to more than 400 people who live and work there year round. Windsor Castle A Royal Year provides a fascinating, insider’s look at this grand landmark, where crown and community live and work side by side. For the first time ever, The Queen allowed our cameras to chronicle a year in the life of the world’s largest inhabited castle, with Prince Philip as our frequent guide. This unprecedented access gives viewers an upstairs downstairs look at the castle from the point of view of not only the Royal family, but also of the devoted staff who live and work within the Castle’s 900 rooms.
Episode 1 The Banquet – After six months of planning and preparation, France’s President and Madame Chirac arrive to mark the centenary of Entente Cordiale. In addition to an official state dinner, guests will be treated to an abridged version of Les Miserables, to be performed in the Waterloo Chamber. But, as protesters gather outside the Castle and producer Sir Cameron Macintosh copes with last minute delays, unexpected glitches could upset all of the hard work and planning.
Episode 2 Four Seasons – Rituals and events mark the calendar year for the Castle and its staff. Two of the year’s largest events take place in June, as The Queen returns for The Order of the Garter ceremony, an annual celebration of Britain’s oldest and highest order of chivalry. Also in June, the biggest event in the racing calendar, the Royal Ascot, assembles high society on the Castle’s impressive grounds.
Episode 3The Ranger – The Ranger for the 15,000 acre Great Park of Windsor Castle is none other than Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Like the Castle, the grounds have a pageantry of their own. And nothing is grander than a Royal Wedding, as Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles celebrate their nuptials.