Wild Russia is a landmark High Definition series charting a journey across this vast land that stretches from Europe to the Pacific Ocean. Covering 11 time zones this huge country contains a wealth of unspoilt natural wildernesses beyond the huge cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a primal world with rough mountain summits, wild rivers and an unmatched flora and fauna reveals itself. Through unprecedented access we showcase the wild spectacle that is the Russian continent. Across six dramatic episodes we explore this diverse and even exotic country. Russia is a place of superlatives proving that size does matter. Few countries are home to such extraordinary mammals the Amur Tiger is the world’s largest cat, the Polar Bear is the world’s largest land predator, massive brown bears scour the rivers in search of salmon. The Russian skies are home to the world’s largest owl and majestic sea eagles. In the freezing northern waters, walruses and Beluga whales hunt for fish. It also provides a refuge for some for some incredibly rare species including the beautiful and elusive Amur Leopard.
Siberia – Exotic wildlife abounds in Siberia, with its unique environment housing salamanders, camels and even the musk deer, beloved for its famous scent.
Kamchatka – Active volcanoes shape the landscape of the remote Kamchatka peninsula, where eagles and bears share the spoils of the bountiful Lake Kuril.
The Great Divide – Take a trip to Russia’s Caucasus Mountains and witness its dramatic landscape, featuring snow – laden hills, arid desert and alpine meadows.
Arctic – Life is harsh for the animal population of the Russian Arctic, with extreme temperatures and fierce predators making survival a constant battle.
The Secret Forest – Visit the deep and enchanting Ussuriland forest, featuring an array of fascinating creatures including two rare and endangered species of cat.
Primeval Valleys – Travel through the majestic primeval forests of the Urals, a sanctuary where giant deer, half tonne leviathans and tiny adventures flourish.