Episode 1 Wicked & Wild


Wayward women tells the tale of some of history’s most fascinating females and combines strong story telling from celebrities and academics with the unique atmosphere and ambience of a burlesque venue. This series focuses on women from Yorkshire and the North East of England. It is a great short introduction to women you may not have heard of before. It is not an in depth program but it is intended to spark your interest so that you will explore more on your own. Historians and psychologists add fact to the rumours. Each story is accompanied by artistic re-enactments, archive stills and burlesque artists.Commentors include Germaine Greer, Carol McGiffin, Scott Henshall, Michelle Heaton, Jayne Middlemiss and Simon Donald.
Episode 1 Wicked and Wild features Lady Seymour Worsley (Peephole Princess), Sophie Dawes (First Lady of Lust), Lady Sybilla Metham (York’s Robber Barroness), Jane Jameson (Red Hot Killer) and Wallis Simpson (Queen of the Goldiggers).
Episode 2 Witches and Deviants features Rose Carr (Man – Woman from Hornsea), Jane Atkinson (The Washington Witch), Mary Bateman (Durham’s Poisonous Mistic), The Kirklee’s Nuns, Ann Crampton (Morpeth), Anne Armstrong (Witch Hunter) and Jane Gomeldon (Newcastle’s Lesbian Adventuress).
Episode 3 Rebels and Traitors features Diana Mitford (Scandalous Socialite), Unity Mitford (A Facist Heart), Josephine Butler (Fighter for Justice), Jane Edson Brailsford (Newcastle’s Prisoner Conscience), Margaret Douglas (Royal Rebel), Ellen Cicely Wilkinson (Jarrows’s Political Pioneer), and Emily Wilding Davison (Morpeth’s Militant Martyr).
Episode 4 Artists & Adventurers features Gertrude Bell (Redcar’s Arabian Adventuress), George Elliott (Flouter of Convention), Margaret Hunt (Lover of Literature), Dorothy Forster (Bamburgh’s Bravest Heart), and Amy Johnson (Hull’s Heavenly Heroine),
Episode 5 Sex & Scandal features Lillie Langtry (Lover of Kings), Pamela Harriman (Calculating Courtesan), Princess Margaret (A Passionate Princess), Anne Lister (Diarist of Seduction), and Christine Norden (Sutherland’s Lesbian Icon).
Episode 6 Killers & Corruptors features Mary Ann Cotton (Durham’s Passionate Poisoner), Mary Wilson (Widow of Windy Nook), Louie Calvert (Leed’s Footwear Fetishist), Isabella Crozier (Mad at Heart), and Emily Swann (Husband Killer).