Episode 2 Search The rise of Google and Yahoo


Technology journalist John Heileman presents the story of the Internet revolution and its culturalcommercial, and social impact to our lives. In fighting. Backstabbing. An epic battle with billions of dollars at stake. Witness the backroom clashes that sparked a cultural and commercial revolution in Download The True Story of the Internet. From the founders of eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape, Goggle and other powerbrokers, experience amazing stories of how the Internet took control of our lives in 10 short years. These pioneers tell how they went from geeky nerds to 21st century visionaries in the time it takes most people to get their first promotion. Hear straight from the people who started it all, through stories that have the makings of a best selling thriller. How did certain upstart 20 year olds launch a revolution from Silicon Valley and become overnight billionaires? You’ll never surf the net the same way again. Episodes 1 Browser Wars 2 Search 3 Bubble 4 People Power