The Spies Who Fooled Hitler: MI5 at War


Exposing the undercover dealings of enemy agents and the MI5 counter deception known as the double cross system, in the Second World War. Captured German spies were turned into double agents and used to deceive the Axis forces. One of the most famous of these spies was nicknamed Garbo, originally based in Lisbon, but brought to Britain by MI5 where he convinced the Germans that he ran an outfit of many agents scattered across the country. The programme also shows how these agents played a crucial role in the success of the Normandy landings Includes interviews with Pat McCallum, who was in charge of the double agents’ files at MI5, Alan Shanks, a member of the MI5 interrogation centre Camp 020, Hugh Astor, an MI5 agent, and Anthony Simkins, former Deputy Director of MI5, as well as members of the German Abwehr military intelligence service.