Episode 2 Secret Affairs


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This five part series reveals how the Second World War provided a backdrop to a time of intense social change in Britain. As the country fought a long and bloody wara sexual revolution was in its throes. Through heart rending revelations and intimate personal testimonies, Sex, Love And War reveals the full story of the sexual adventures of the nation during World War II. The danger of death inspired a “live for today” attitude. As a result taboos came crashing down. The divorce rate rose and the number of illegitimate children soared as the ever present threat of death created a more carefree attitude amongst both men and women. Love affairssexual relationships and marriages were also taking place between previously taboo partners, black and white, rich and poor, Protestant and Catholic. Even gays and lesbians defied convention to make their presence known. Sex, Love And War is awash with tragedy and heartbreak, passion and joy, and even epic love stories. But ultimately, it is an uplifting series of the sexual experiences of the generation that went to war and brought about an important shift in our social history.