Episode 2 The Scorpion King


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Secrets of Egypt aka Egypt Unwrapped follows experts using the latest research and modern techniques to unravel Egypt’s greatest mysteries. With special access to sites across the countrythe series travels from the pyramids and Sphinx in Giza and Saqqara down to the Valley of the Kings near Luxor and the great rock temples of Abu Simbel in southern Egypt. The series uses CT scans and facial reconstruction to try to identify mummies, and reveals new insights into Egypt’s great figures including Rameses II, Alexander The Great and Cleopatra.
Episode 1 Screaming Man – Scientists attempt to unravel the mystery of a 3,000 year old “screaming” mummy. The man was recovered from a tomb with his features locked in a screaming expressiondevoid of the usual trappings of Egyptian burial. Who was this man and what does his fate reveal about the ancient Egyptian attitude to the afterlife?
Episode 2 Scorpion King – The Scorpion King was a mythical Egyptian ruler who predated the pharaohs. Recent developments, such as the excavation of the king’s tomb, have revealed surprising new details about early Egyptian civilization.
Episode 3 The Sphinx – This instalment examines some intriguing new theories as to how, when and why the Great Sphinx of Giza was built.
Episode 4 Cleopatra – Cleopatra has been depicted throughout history as a temptress who ruined two generals of Rome. Yet scholars now believe that the last pharaoh of Egypt in fact possessed great political ability and knowledge. Despite a lack of physical evidence of her reign, they are able to piece together the story of her rule during the dying days of Ancient Egypt.
Episode 5 Pyramids – The pyramids of Egypt are the most enduring monuments of the ancient world. From underground burial chambers they developed into soaring structures that revolutionised architecture. This film reveals the name of the man who designed the very first pyramid and shows how his ideas were refined and perfected, until pyramids eventually fell out of fashion altogether.
Episode 6 Valley of The Kings – This episode explores the Valley of the Kings, the royal necropolis of the pharaohs. A new generation of Egyptologists presents revolutionary theories on why the pharaohs abandoned the grandeur of the pyramids in favour of these secret underground tombs.
Episode 7 Rameses – This edition charts the life of Rameses II, the longest lived pharaoh who is widely regarded as Egypt’s greatest ruler. New discoveries have shed more light on the king’s successful reign, while Egyptologists continue to debate the nature of his character and achievements.
Episode 8 Alexander’s Tomb – This instalment looks at the ongoing hunt for the tomb of Alexander the Great – conqueror and self-proclaimed pharaoh of Egypt. Gathering together old sources and new evidence, the search moves from the necropolis of ancient Egypt to the city that the king founded, Alexandria.