Hitler’s Search for the Holy Grail


Hosted by Michael Wood this documentary looks at the worldwide Nazi search for archaeological and historical support for their beliefs in the Aryan (German) master race. The program outlines how the racialist theories of the SS were drawn from archaeologymyth and legend, as well as selected history. Nazi ideas about Aryans and the master race came out of historical and ethnic fantasies in which legends such as the Holy Grail and the lost city of Atlantis supposed to be a home of the Aryan race played their part. Hitler’s Search for the Holy Grail contains rare and previously unseen footage, including color film of the Nazi expedition to Antarctica, film of the Nazi expeditions across the world, from the Baltic to Venezuela, footage of the 1938 expedition to Tibet, with the measuring of skulls of Tibetans, documentary evidence for expeditions to Peru, Iceland and Iran, and footage of SS chief Heinrich Himmler at archaeological sites. The film conjures the eerie world that permeated the thoughts of key members of the Nazi leadership, especially Himmler, and shows how top scholars, some of them still alive, collaborated in this project.