Episode 3 Deep Impact


Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible Science fiction isn’t just for the movies! Cyborgsshape shifting, the colonization of space and tons more really are possible. Join Dr. Michio Kaku on a quest to discover the science behind the sci fi and find out how to bring your favorite futuristic tech to life. Could a real life Death Star ever actually be built? Would we one day be sending our superhero suits for dry cleaning along with our regular work wear? Internationally-renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku thinks so, and he believes that science fiction may not be so far from science fact. In this series Dr. Kaku investigates the likelihood of popular sci-fi beliefs and ideas that currently seem beyond the realm of possibility, and shows us that these technologies could materialize sooner than we think. Featuring the latest research and most recent technologies, this series takes a look at things such as Lightsabers, Star Ships, Death Stars, and Warp Drives. Discover the science and realities behind these and other notions from the sci-fi world that are pushing the boundaries of technology and human ingenuity. Impossible? That’s what we said decades ago about man walking on the moon.
Season 1
Episode 1 How to Explore the Universe – Dr. Kaku discusses theoretical methods of exploring the universe.
Episode 2 How to Travel to a Parallel Universe – Dr. Kaku explores the idea of parallel universes.
Episode 3 How to Blow Up a Planet – Dr. Kaku theorizes how humans could literally explode a planet.
Episode 4 How to Teleport – Dr. Kaku explores the technology behind teleportation.
Episode 5 How to Become Invisible – explores how invisibility could be applied to objects.
Episode 6 How to Travel Through Time – explores the idea of time travel.
Episode 7 How to Build a Starship – designs a starship.
Episode 8 How to Build a Light Saber – designs a device inspired by the light sabers of Star Wars.
Episode 9 How to Build a Sci Fi Robot – designs a robot of the style found in science fiction.
Episode 10 How to Become a Superhero – explores the idea of giving humans superpowers.
Episode 11 How to Build a Flying Saucer – designs an aircraft in the style of a flying saucer.
Episode 12 How to Build a Force Field – theorizes how powerful force fields could be generated.
Season 2
Episode 1 Earth 2.0 – Dr. Kaku comes up with plans for the construction of Earth 2.0 (a second Earth).
Episode 2 Galactic Colonization – comes up with some very intriguing plans for expanding humanity’s presence throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe.
Episode 3 Deep Impact – Dr Michio Kaku is on a mission to save planet Earth from dangers of asteroids and comets.
Episode 4 A New Solar System – it’s Dr. Michio Kaku’s most ambitious plan yet- the construction of a new Solar System.
Episode 5 Alien Invasion – a plan to defeat an alien invasion on Earth.
Episode 6 First Contact – tries to find a way to contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial being when we meet them for the first time.
Episode 7 Destroy the Death Star – Inspired by Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Dr. Kaku attempts to find a way to destroy the Death Star should it ever reach Earth.
Episode 8 Black Hole Odyssey – tries to find a way to travel safely through a black hole.
Episode 9 Cyborg Army – create a unified cyborg army to take on the forces of evil, using his training experience in the U.S. Army.
Episode 10 A.I. Uprising – comes up with a plan to stop the robots from taking over Earth.
Episode 11 Holodeck – plans for a holodeck.
Episode 12 Shapeshifter Transformer – comes up with a transformer made of catoms, so that the humans can defeat Megatron without the help of the Autobots.