Episode 6 The Fall of the Roman Empire


For over a thousand yearsRome was the center of the known world. One of the most glorious empires in history, she brought to her subjects a common language, shared culture, and for some wealth beyond imagination. But nothing lasts forever. War, barbarian attacks, and moral decay eventually took their toll and the empire slowly began to crumble. This six part series presents the complete history of Rome, from its primitive beginnings, to the height of its glory to its eventual decline, as well as its legacies today. Filmed in 10 countries, Rome Power and Glory combines location footage of ancient monuments, detailed reenactments, period art and writings, and insights from scholars and public figures to bring the ancient world to life. Narrated by Peter Coyote and originally shown on TLC network.
Episode 1 The Rise – The origins of the Roman Empire, which rose from a weakened Italian city-state to conquer much of the known world
Episode 2 Legions of Conquest – A look at the Roman Empire at its height, when its borders stretched from Scotland to the Sahara, and how the qualities that fueled its rise would ultimately lead to its demise
Episode 3 Seduction of Power – The history of Roman politics, from the first representative government through to the the lives of emperors Julius Caesar, Nero and Septimius Severus
Episode 4 The Grasp of the Empire – How the Romans controlled their vast empire through an alliance of slaves and peasants a system that led to the longest sustained period of peace in their history
Episode 5 The Cult of Order – The slow disintegration of Rome, the economy falters, citizens turn to religious cults, the Roman Empire becomes divided.
Episode 6 The Fall of the Roman Empire – The decline of the Roman Empire, from the reign of Diocletian to the sacking of Rome in 410 AD, due to an arrogant political elite and erosion of cultural identity.