Hitler’s Private World


The great shock in reviewing the lives of famous inhumane dictators like Hitler is the realization that they were also human with the innate capacity to love and care but they took a wrong and deadly moral turn toward evil a choice which all of us are capable of making when we separate from love altruism and soul consciousness and instead embrace the dark strategies and devices of ego consciousness. When Adolf Hitler bought Eva Braun a movie camera, to film the people and parties which occurred at their expansive and heavily guarded Bavarian retreat, the technology to include synchronized sound had not yet been developed. So when soldiers discovered Hitler’s private home movies, in the Berlin bunker where the Nazi leader took his own life, the tantalizing clips they unearthed, featuring leading members of the SS in a more relaxed mode, remained silent for over 60 years. Now, leading edge lip reading software has enabled German experts to re-voice these films and provide us with a chilling insight into Hitlers private world. As such, this 46 minute video is a fascinating and riveting glimpse into Hitler’s private persona and through the magic of computer technology, Hitler’s authentic voice has been integrated into previously silent film footage and with it a glimpse of his untapped humanness.