Camilla’s Family Affair


Being a royal mistress really isn’t easy. It’s a tightrope walk between satisfying the kingkeeping your husband happy and avoiding any whiff of scandal. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall got it right … in the end. She is the only royal mistress ever to marry her Prince Charming. But then she did learn from a real expert, her own great grandmother Mrs. Alice Keppel, the long term mistress of King Edward VII. Alice was hailed as one of the great beauties of the Naughty Nineties, renowned for her narrow waist and ample bosom. She was the perfect royal mistress charming, intelligent, gorgeous and above all else, discrete. Set against a scintillating background of aristocratic adultery, historian Kate Williams uncovers Alice’s incredible story, investigating the magical childhood in Scotland that honed her ambition and the marriage to George Keppel that actually thrived on infidelity.