The Queen’s Wedding


The Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten in November 1947 was a day of national celebration. But the young couple’s path to the altar had been strewn with controversy and difficulties. Behind the smiling faces and the colourful regalia lay a story of political machinationpublic hostility and court intrigue. This documentary focuses on the young Princess Elizabeth, her handsome sailor suitor Philip, and his uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten, the matchmaker who wouldn’t rest until the union was secure. The film captures the story of the princess’s young life from the moment when her love life became a matter of dynastic and political importance. It shows how Philip’s suitability was called into question: his “fortune-hunting” his “Teutonic strain” and how he was believed to have “played the field”. The stakes could not have been much higher the popularity and therefore the future of the monarchy itself.