Episode 3 Ice Age Oasis


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Prehistoric America takes goes on a journey through the prehistory of North Americabeginning 14,000 years ago when people were first entering the vast and beautiful continent. Witness ancient beasts, mammoths, mastodons, giant bears and sabre toothed cats, and see how their successors, modern animals and beasts, carry on their legacy. Series was also broadcast as “Wild New World”. Like the “Walking With … ” seriesit contains both computer graphics and real life animals. Occasionally, footage of non American counterparts of the extinct American beasts (like the American lion and the giant American cheetah) are used in juxtaposition with footage of native American animals, like the pronghorn.
Episode 1 Land of the Mammoth – talks about Beringea (current state of Alaska and the adjacent country of Canada). The episode focuses mainly on the Woolly mammoth.
Episode 2 Canyonlands – Modern southwestern USA (current state of Nevada). The episode focuses on the Columbian Mammoth, ground sloth and the American sabre tooth cat, Smilodon.
Episode 3 Ice Age Oasis – talks about the modern southeastern USA (current state of Florida). The episode focuses on the American Mastodon, the ground sloth Eremotherium, Smilodon and the American glyptodon, Glyptotherium.
Episode 4 Edge of the Ice – talks about the modern northwestern USA (current state of Washington). The episode focuses on the American mastodon and the American scimitar-tooth cat, Homotherium.
Episode 5 American Serengeti – American Midlands (current state of Colorado). The episode focuses on the Columbian mammoth, the American lion and the short faced bear.
Episode 6 Mammoths to Manhattan – Doesn’t go back in time like the previous five, rather, it talks about various modern American animals, from the mustang to the free tailed bats, and about how they have adapted to the increasing influence of humans in the New World.