Baby Monsters


Paleontology fascinates students of all ages. This series presents an in depth look at what is known and how we know it. Each program reveals a bit more about what has been learned to fill in a fossil record that is still far from complete using recent discoveries new techniques and computer animation to enlighten your students fascination.
Episodes 1. Rise Of The Predators 2. Flight Of The Pterosaurs 3. Attack Of The Killer Kangeroos 4. Sea Monsters. Back To The Seas 6. Carnosaurs 7. Tale Of A Sail 8. The Legendary T-rex 9 . Dino Sex 10. Missing Links 11. Dino Doctors 12. Mistaken Identity 13. Mysteries Of Extinction 14. The Earthshakers 15. Dinos In The Air 16. Killer Birds 17. Island Of The Giant Rats 18. African Graveyard 19A. Hunting Dinosaurs 19B. African Graveyard 20A. Discovering Dinosaurs 20B. Monsters On The Move 21. Trail Of The Neanderthal 22. Are Rhinos Dinos 23. Mammoths 24. The Land That Time Forgot 25. Troodon Dinosaur Genius 26. Mystery Of Dinosaur Cove 27. Amber Hunters 28. Dawn Of The Cats 29. Ancient Crocodiles 30. Dinos In The Snow 31. Boneheads 32. Armoured Dinos 33. Ape Man 34. Dwarf Dinos 35. Flesh On The Bones 36. Treasure Island 37. Horns And Herds 38. Valley Of Venom 39. Early Birds 40. Troodon Portrait Of A Killer 41. Killer Raptors 42. Loch Ness Secrets 43. Prehistoric Sharks 44. Dinosaur Doomsday 45. Dawn Of The Dinos 46. Baby Monsters 47. Secrets Of The Brontosauru s48. Clash Of The Titans 49. Valley Of The Uglies 50. Dino Diet