Oz And Them


This documentary takes a light hearted look at the relationship between Australia and Britain. It begins with the narration by a British hostintersperced with narration by Australians. Australia everyone agrees it’s reather stunning, but Australias have always held a rather negative view of the British, people they refer to as Poms. “The stereotype of the Pom is uptightpin striped underpants, pretentious, condescending, smug and hypocritical” Ouch! In their earthly paradise the Austrlians thrived in opposition to the British and bashing the poms gave Australians a boost to drive further forward becuase they felt like underdogs. The British were always on their mindsthey are raised on British stories and characters like Biggles. The British have alwasy been drawn to the promise of vast Australia to escape the confines of class. So it’s all a bit complicated and a bit love and hate this relationship between Australia and Britain. This documentary asks can Britain and Australia ever be, as the Australians say, mates? Could there ever be peace between “Oz and Them”? The documentary explores the changes in how Australians see themselves and how they see the British since the Second World Warbeginning with the Queen’s visit to Australia in 1954 and ending with the 2005 Ashes. Contributors include Clive James, Germaine Greer, Shane Warne, Kathy Lette, Thomas Keneally and former Prime Minister Paul Keating.