Episode 1 To Destiny


Napoleon tells the story of the emperor who was also soldier lover and statesman a towering historical figure riddled with contradictions. The mini series is framed by the grand sweep of history woven from intimate accounts of and by the man himself a story of ambition pride conquest and eventually exile and loss. Episode 1 To Destiny – recounts the story of Napoleons extraordinary rise from Corsican obscurity to the victories in Italy that made him a hero to the French people and convinced him that he was destined for greatness. It also tells of his love for Josephine Beauharnais a woman of extravagant habits and tastes who did not at first return his passionate affection. Episode 2 Mastering Luck – charts Napoleons ascent to absolute power from victorious General to first Consul to Emperor of France. It describes his extraordinary achievements from the Napoleonic Code and the Bank of France to bridges roads and canals as well as the tyrannical nature of his rule and the violent opposition of most of Europe. Episode 3 The Summit of Ambition – witnesses Napoleon conquer most of Europe in a series of brilliant triumphs including his legendary victory at the Battle of Austerlitz. To sustain his rule he must keep fighting. But when he invades Spain he has begun to reach too far. Episode 4 The End – describes Napoleons downfall including the invasion and subsequent retreat from Russia and his final battles in which all of Europe is arrayed against him. Exiled to Elba he returns to France after just ten months only to be defeated for the last time at Waterloo. Napoleon spends his final days exiled on an island far out in the Atlantic where he writes his memoirs and reinvents his legend.