Jesus In The Galilee


After thousands of years of debate and question this series explores many of the greatest tales of Scripture. Filmed on location throughout the Holy Land and utilizing modern scientific techniques and newly found archaeological discoveries Mysteries of the Bible reveals surprising facts and theories behind the legendary figures and fabled stories of the Bible. The acclaimed A and E series Mysteries of the Bible provide a wealth of astonishing discoveries and unforgettable revelations. Episode Jesus in the Galilee – Take a journey of discovery to the timeless landscapes that bear witness to Christ’s ministrywhere he is said to have chosen his disciples, on the sea where he walked upon the water of the Galilee. What secrets may reside in these hills where Jesus once taught? Can new findings tell us more about the missing years of Jesus’ life? Do the four gospels hold clues to the evidence of Christ’s teachings that we can still investigate today? Is there a fifth gospel that could be what the others are not, an eyewitness account of Jesus’ life? See how recent archeological discoveries are shedding new light on this mystical place, and on the life of Jesus Christ.