Michael Jackson Take Two The Footage You Were Never Meant To See


Michael Jackson Interview The Footage You were Never Meant to See is a response documentary to the initially broadcasted interview documentary by Martin Bashir titled Living with Michael Jackson to provide a much more comprehensive view inside the life of pop megastar Michael Jackson. All those who have watched the Bashir’s Living with Michael Jacksonin spite of whether you trusted it to be accurate or unrealistic portrayal of Michael, should watch this film which reveals how responses and statements were either altered or taken out of context. In 2002, British Correspondent Martin Bashir, interviewed the King of Pop over a duration of eight months. On Feb of 2003, The final product branded, Living With Michael Jackson broadcasted throughout the world. The outcome cause hatred against Martin Bashir and his production crew by millions of Jackson fans. The interview show that Michael is a child molester also it appeared that Martin Bashir don’t want to know the truth or didnt care about it, all he mind about was entertainment. Eventually that month, Michael created this documentary, in which presents the uncut version from the distorted Bashir interview that reveals Mr. Bashir presenting a totally different perspective.