Episode 4 Secrets of the Flood


Professor Aubrey Manning embarks on a series of journeys in which he tries to solve mysteries hidden in the landscape of the British Isles. Unpicking clues in the geology natural history, and archaeology, Aubrey reveals how the land has come to look the way it does.
Episode 1 In Search of Irish Gold – This eight part series begins with Aubrey travelling to Ireland in search of a Celtic El Dorado, a secret source of Bronze Age gold, buried more than 3,000 years ago. How can clues in the landscape help Aubrey work out if and where deposits still exist?
Episode 2 Figures In The Chalk – Aubrey travels to the Chalk Hills of England to unravel the origins of the enigmatic chalk figures such as the Long Man of Wilmington and the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset. The age of these chalk figures has never been fully established and Aubrey, alongside a team of archaeologists from Reading University, come up with a remarkable new discovery.
Episode 3 Britain Before the Ice – Then it’s on to the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Here, in 1823, the skeleton of a young man, who had died 29,000 years ago, was found. In this episode, Aubrey attempts to unravel the mystery of the lost world in which this man lived.
Episode 4 Secrets of the Flood – Aubrey is in the Solent, off the south coast of England. It’s known that people once lived in a landscape that is now covered by the sea but how did this area become flooded? In this episode Aubrey investigates a mystery that has puzzled experts for centuries.
Episode 5 The Tower People of Shetland – Aubrey travels to the most northerly territory in the British Isles , to Shetland, in a search for clues to the identity of the ancient people who lived in the Broch Towers there.
Episode 6 The Abandoned Marsh – A trip to the bleak Romney Marsh where Aubrey searches for clues to a haunting and empty landscape that humans colonised then abandoned.
Episode 7 The Riddle of the Yorkshire Tracks – Aubrey ventures to an even more bleak and dangerous place, the North Yorkshire coastline where many a ship has been wrecked. But when the tide goes out, a different and mysterious landscape is revealed. Can Aubrey solve The Riddle of the Yorkshire Tracks?
Episode 8 The Terraces of Avalon – Aubrey travels to Glastonbury to investigate the riddle of The Terraces of Avalon. Along the steep sides of the Glastonbury Tor there’s a distinctive pattern of regular stepped terraces, but their origin is a mystery. Is there a connection with the myths and legends that permeate this intoxicating landscape?