UFO Abduction Files


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The Secret KGB Files Series hosted by Roger Moore.
The Secret KGB UFO Abduction Files – The KGB was known to have kept the top secretcomprehensive records on all world affairs. These documents were forever to have remained locked away, until now. Recently released KGB documents and extraordinary film footage involving strange UFO activity occurring around the Great Sphinx of Egypt is introduced for the first time. The ancient Egyptians have documented encounters with gods, who ingrained themselves into their culture, and we have the proof to give creditability to these meetings. Archived in great detail, the KGB’s actual uncovering of mummified remains of what we believe to be alien corpses. Living abductees share their remarkable evidence that points to the Sacred Valley of the Kings in Egypt, as the center of alien activity. Once and for all, this stunning footage will bear witness to the truth of alien encounters.
The Secret KGB Paranormal Files – Enter a world of ghostly spirits, haunted places, where people read your deepest thoughts, and astral project to distant worlds. Secret KGB files are revealed regarding investigations into unexplainable events. It is a well known fact that the KGB employed psychics, such as the famous Uri Geller, to take control of the world. Certain individuals possess the ability to travel to distant locations without leaving their body. Where these people able to spy on us? Evidence suggests the catastrophic Tunguska explosion that occurred in 1908 may have been a UFO crash. 500,000 acres were destroyed, with no crater. Accelerated tree growth, and strange human behavior are all blamed on this event. The KGB searched for a connection, this documentary reviews the result of their investigations.
The Secret KGB Sex Files – Can sex be used to steal top secret government documents? Just how far will people go? It’s all caught on camera. Has sex changed our future? The KGB has used sex tapes as blackmail for years against some of the worlds most powerful people. Could it be possible that even the Vatican has fallen victim to sex tapes? Hidden cameras have caught these incidents on tape, and are revealed here for the first time
The Secret KGB UFO Files – For over 50 years, the KGB has kept secret files compiled by soldiers, scientists, and spies, and these files paint a very disturbing picture. Amazing film footage just recently smuggled out of Russia shows A UFO encounter that almost started a nuclear war, 2 MIG Fighters blown out of the sky while chasing a UFO, and stunning proof of an alien capture. This film was shot entirely on location in Russia and the Eastern Block countries.
The Secret KGB JFK Assassination Files – On November 22 1963, the world was shocked by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The mystery surrounding this history changing event has led to many unsolved questions. With the collapse of the Iron Curtin, many KGB officials have surfaced with top secret files posing the following questions: Why couldn’t Nakita Khrushchev be found for hours following the assassination? Why did Lyndon Johnson scramble his entire arsenal of nuclear bombers within minutes of the assassination? Why were there so many discrepancies with the Oswald as the lone gunman theory? What of all the disputable autopsy evidence? Explore recently declassified information, photos, and film, for the first time on TV, to find out the amazing answers.