Five Tons of Cash: The John & Ronnie Knight Story


For many years, East End criminal brothers John and Ronnie Knight lived a life of crime while maintaining a facade of respectability. Ronnie ran several clubs in Soho, and was married at one time to actress Barbara Windsor, while his younger brother was a successful businessman who masterminded the pair’s biggest scam, culminating in the £6 million Security Express robbery in 1983. The brothers talk frankly about their criminal careers, which ended in exile and ultimately jail. John was later sentenced to 22 years whilst Ronnie escaped to Spain. He returned to the UK in 1994 and was sentenced to 4 years after admitting he handled £384,000 of the stolen money. 4 million pounds remains unaccounted for. The show features archive news footage and photography, plus interviews with flying-squad investigators and the Knights’ family and friends, to create a rounded portrait.