Manstein The Strategist


Hitler’s Henchmen paints portraits of the men who consolidated Hitler’s reign and turned his plans into action. They wove the complicities and plots without which Hitler could have never perpetrated the crime of the century. They helped to sway the judges and the bureaucratsthe armed forces and the police, the scientists and the industrialists, the students and their teachers to the regime’s ways of thinking. What kind of people were they? What inspired them to serve a corrupt administration with such enthusiasm and devotion? How did their careers unfold and their fates end? Hitler’s Warriors looks at the high ranking officers who aided the dictator in his war of aggression pleaded that they were obeying orders and denied any personal guilt. In post-war Germany, where there was an atmosphere of repression rather than inquiry, they contrived the myth of a “clean” military which supposedly was neither involved in the mass murders of the regime nor was aware of them. In factmany aristocrats in the military regarded the Nazi – Ideology with reserve, but their resistance, also in clear sight of the horrendous crimes carried out by the regime, was confined to a small circle. Only the high military could still have had the power to bring about the downfall of the Hitler regime from within. Subsequent to the successful documentary series “Hitler – A Profile” and “Hitler’s Henchmen”Guido Knopp and his team continue this analysis of the Nazi period. Profiling these men, the series continues to pose the question as to why it all happened. careers caught in the tangle between obedience and crime. What led all these officers to put their military talents at the service of a murderous dictator? To what depth was their involvement?