Hitler’s British Girl


Part of the High Society Series on Channel 4 On September 3rd 193925 year old English aristocrat Unity Mitford walked into a Munich park and shot herself in the head. Distraught at the prospect of England declaring war on her beloved Fuhrer, Britain’s most notorious Nazi sympathiser seemed determined to make the ultimate act of fanatical devotion. Featuring original testimony and with the release of secret documents from the Home Office and MI5, this programme examines how this archetypal English aristocrat fell under Hitler’s spell and became one of his closest confidantes; spending five years with an astonishing ringside seat as he plotted global domination. It also examines the myths that have always surrounded Unity. Did she have a physical relationship with Hitler? Was she a British spy, targeted by the Gestapo? And what lay behind her miraculous recovery from the suicide attempt and her mysterious return to Britain in early 1940?