Julius Caesar’s Greatest Battle


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Insight into the Battle of Alesiathe climax of Julius Caesar’s eight-year campaign to conquer Gaul and subdue its hostile natives. In one of the greatest sieges of ancient times he managed to rout the army of Vercingetorix, who had succeeded in uniting the Celtic tribes against the Roman invaders, and secured a victory which would shape the future of the Western world In 52 B.C., the future of Rome and Gaul and that of their peoples – hangs in the balance. It will be determined in three great encounters. The battles are the culmination of a momentous personal duel between two great leaders. A duel, which this documentary recreates. The name of one leader, Julius Caesar, will resound through history. His rival a young chieftain called Vercingetorix is virtually unknown. Vercingetorix’s people, the Gauls, are history’s victims. In a bitter eight year campaign, through what is known as France, Caesar killed a million people, took a million more hostage and destroyed 800 cities. Julius Caesar’s Greatest Battle is told through the eyes of Mark Corby a Roman historian with a professional admiration for Caesar and Neil Faulkner an archaeologist for whom Rome’s great achievement was no more than robbery with violence. Mark takes on the role of Caesar and Neil that of Vercingetorix in this gripping documentary.