Google: Behind The Screen


What if all the information in the world was categorized and easily searchable? What if all the news from around the worldall books, written texts, photos and videos that exist on a place in the world would be collected, and would be available everywhere? That is precisely the goal of Google and it will not be long for it to be realized. Through the well known search engine, Google Earth, where all information is classified by geographical location, along with Google Books, a project where Google digitizes complete libraries. Google: Behind the Screen includes interviews with Marissa Mayer, Vint Cerf, Ian Brown (Open Rights Group), Brewster Kahle (founder of Internet Archive) and others covering topics such as page rank, targeted advertising, life at Google, user privacy, machine translation, the story of Don’t Be Evil, book search, the danger of Google’s monopoly, Google Earth and so on. by the Dutch film maker Ijsbrand van Veelen. It wasmade by the Dutch film maker Ijsbrand van Veelen.