The Gambinos First Family Of Crime



Trace the rise and fall of one of the most famous Mafia “families” and get up close with crime legends Carlo Gambino, Paul Castellano and John Gotti. For much of the century, they were the most powerful force in American organized crime. But internal strife and the tireless work of law enforcement have brought this once dominant organization to its knees. The Gambino crime family ruled New York’s streets for years. Today, there are only 200 members left of a force that used to number a thousand. This documentary journeys into the dark side of American history for this eye opening look at the Gambinos. Follow Carlo Gambino from his childhood in Sicily to the top of an empire that embraced everything from pizza joints and meat packing plants to hi-jacking and extortion. He made his first million in World War II, and within a few years was the undisputed king of New York crime. But when he died, the Gambino fortunes started on the long decline that ended with the sentencing of John Gotti to life in prison. In the story of Gambino, Castellano and Gotti, the history of the Mafia in America comes into focus. It’s a riveting tale of greed, power, crime and betrayal.