The Fall Of Constantinople Russian English Subtitles


With the conquest of Constatinople in 1204during the 4th crusade the fall of the Byzantine Empire began. After 1430 the empire included only the city of Constantiople with its precincts and the Despotate of Moreas. John Palaiologos efforts to get help from the West through the union of churches caused great contrapositions in Constantinople among the people who were pro and against the union. The ascension to the Ottoman throne of the relentless Mehmed II during the same period marked the implementation of Murad’s obsession on the conquest of Constantinople which was achieved after a siege that lasteed 55 days. The fall of Constantinople took place on Tuesday May 29, 1453. This documentary is presented in several sections including The historical context, Mehmed’s accession to the throne, The siege begins, Warfare at sea and The city is captured.