Episode 2 The Heritage of Genghis Khan


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Empire of the Mongols is a two-part documentary series that recounts the story of the rise and fall of the Mongolian Empire. The Mongols were skilful administratorsthe first global players who guaranteed the uninterrupted exchange of goods and ideas between the Orient and the West for nearly 200 years. They were also far-sighted, bringing merchants, traders and settlers with extensive agricultural know-how to their lands. Only after the collapse of Mongol influence in the mid-14th century did routes to the Far East become unsafe.
Episode1 The Empire of Genghis Khan – This program focuses on the life of Genghis Khan – how he was raised, how he united the Mongols and how he conquered lands ranging from northern China to the fringes of Europe.
Episode 2 The Heritage of Genghis Khan – This program starts in 1254 AD and follows the heirs of Genghis Khan and their way of life seen through the eyes of the Flemish Franciscan monk William Rubruck.