The Mongol Empire


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Beijingcapital of China the country with the largest population on earth. Beijing is one of the world’s great cities and it was made capital of China by a great man. That man was Kublai Khan. Kublai declared himself Great Khan, supreme ruler of the Mongol empire at his palace of Xanadu in 1260. But his main interest was in China where he reigned until 1294 and founded the Yuan dynasty. This meant he also became a major figure in the history of China. He was the first significant non-Chinese ruler to rule over the entire Chinese empire and had aspirations to rule the entire world. Kublai Khan was the grandson of a the legendary Mongol warlord Genghis Khan who carved out a vast empire across Asia and the middle east at the beginning of the 13th century. Like his grandfather Kublai crushed his enemies with brute force yet he ruled his own lands peacefully, setting up governments, creating systems of taxation, and promoting culture and commerce. He made Beijing the capital of the biggest empire the world had ever seen stretching from the shores of the China Sea to the river Danube in Europe and from Siberia to the Indian Ocean. But his greatest achievement was the unification of China a unification that survives to this day and although he reined over 700 years ago his story is one that has great significance because he ruled a great multi-cultural society and he presided over a global economy, it was globalization in the middle ages.