Charlemagne The Holy Roman Empire


The imperial coronation of Charlemagne Rome on Christmas Day in the year 800 was a fitting climax to the achievements of the greatest medieval king. His name comes from the latin corolus magnus, or charles the great, and there can be no doubt about his claim to greatness. Because at the end of the 8th century, he managed to create, for a short time at least a united Europe. Something that political and military leaders and politicians have been trying to do ever since. Charlemagne founded the Holy Roman Empire which came to be one of the greatest forces in history, united many parts of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and central Europe. In spite of it’s name, this empire he created, had very little to do with the Roman Empire. What was important about it was that with it’s foundation Charlemagne brought an order and political stability to Europe that had not been seen since the fall of the old Roman Empire. This documentary covers the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire, and it’s change through time.