Episode 1 Ruling Reptiles


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They attack their victims with great strength and speedusing even chemical weapons. To avoid their enemies they can run over the water, throw him blood or poison or just become one with their environment and disappear. They attract their mate giving an extraordinary show of colors and movements and they have superhero abilities as they fly and use X-rays to see. Today’s reptiles are as deadly as dinosaurs, as beautiful as birds and as tender as mammals. Their look is so ancient that it is hard to believe that these animals are true! Actually, they are the most adaptive and successful animals on earth. It seems that a possibility of a real Jurassic Park is big in the close future.
Episode 1 Ruling Reptiles – The extinction of the dinosaurs left a power vacuum. Enter the dragons: powerful modern reptiles which still dominate large areas of our planet. Ruling Reptiles goes in search of the modern reptiles that have inherited the dominant role.
Episode 2 Smart Reptiles – The second programme focuses on the amazing natural technology that makes reptiles such a successful group. Are reptiles the biotechnology wizards of the animal world? If you count sprinting on water, shooting blood from the eyes, spitting poison at their enemies, navigating by magnetic fields, converting ribs into a hangglider, or communicating emotions in colour then, yes, they are!
Episode 3 Future Reptiles – Alligators on golf courses, geckos in hotels, chameleons in the garden and pampered pet pythons, reptiles are invading our space! So what will the future role for these living cousins of the dinosaurs be? Will reptiles give us better biotechnology and medicines? Or a “Jurassic Park”?