Hidden Temples of Angkor Wat


Angkor Watone of the wonders of the ancient world rises from the Cambodian jungle. The magnificent temples and gigantic reservoirs built by the Khmer empire have long mystified scientists. What was the purpose behind the vast water system? 25 years of war and killing fields isolated Angkor from the outside world. Astonishing views from the space shuttle high tech radar are giving scientists a revolutionary new look at Angkor and changing old ideas about the mysterious temples. Rising out of the jungle it looms, the sprawling ruins of a city lost to the ages and doomed to oblivion. Today it is reclaimed by the forest but Angkor was once the fabled capital of an empire that rivaled any of its age. Nearly 1000 years ago, while Europe struggled through the dark ages, in Asia the Khmer empire flourished. It’s legacy was a civilization carved out of the jungle yet stone is all that remains to tell their story. The stones of Angkor have long offered only mute testament, until now. Archaeologists are turning to a technological breakthrough to solve the mysteries of the ancients. Who where the Khmer? How did they eek a living out of this harsh realm. How did they manage to create a city of such splendor and scale.