The Chemistry of War


A snake is a perfect hunting machine armed and dangerous it functions day and night. This snake can lock onto it’s target in total darkness with natures equivalent of night goggles it tracks its victim using infa-red. It has heat sensors known as pit organs just above it’s mouth a live animal is warm and the snakes senses are very accurate. The snake deploys a weapon that is quick and deadly with a minimum of contact all it has to do is wait. The weapon is a lethal chemical, venom. In natures wars of survival chemical weapons are deployed on every front. Chemical warfare is everywhere. Attack and defense, measure and counter measure. This is the story of an evolutionary arms race, of the tactics and strategies deployed in the natural world. Some weapons are advertised to act as a general deterrent, while others are highly refined, delivering venom in a single strike. Some weapons are specialized, a very accurate delivery system. A scorpion probes for the best place to sting, venom is precious and not to be wasted. Killing for food is only one reason for combat. A quarrel with a rival leaves no way out. Insect gladiators will fight to the death.