Episode 2 The Spirituality Of Ancient Britain



Britain B.C. seeks to change our view of the way British civilization had developed prior to their arrival and to restore some of the knowledge we have lost about our thriving, pre-Roman, purely British civilization. The writer and presenter behind this bold venture is the archaeologist Dr. Francis Pryor. An acknowledged expert on the Bronze Age, a key figure in the discovery of the Flag Fen Bronze Age site and often seen on Time Team, his mission is to show us how British civilization was flourishing long before the Roman Legions invaded our shores. Until the successful Roman invasion of Ancient Britain, and the subsequent occupation, our history books tell us that the island was a land of wild savages speaking strange languages, performing barbaric rituals and with no real civilization of the population having taken place. Presenter Francis Pryor debunks this widely – held notion with some interesting archaeological finds, and shows us how an independent, civilised and deeply spiritual nation had been developing for over 10,000 years before the Romans took over. The largest empire of it’s time did not introduce roads, common language, laws or civilization to ancient Britain, because they had already existed.