Blood of the Sun God


In 1532Pizarro defeated the great Incan emperor Atahualpa. At the time of the Spanish conquest of what is now Peru, the empire that the Incas had built up was the largest and most sophisticated to be found in the New World. Before Pizarro’s capture of the Inca emperor, Atahualpa, there had been little contact between the new and old worlds of Europe and the Andean region. However, once the contact was made there was no stopping the destruction that quickly followed. In the footsteps of Cortes, Francisco Pizarro and the men who followed him managed to bring about the overthrow of an entire civilization in just seven short years Francisco Pizarro was the man mostly responsible for the conquest of the Incas, though he was partnered with two others. They were Diego de Almagro and the priest Hernando de Luque. Their primary objective was, of course, riches, Christianization being second on their list. Pizarro himself came from poverty and sought all of the things that he never had. And he had heard that the Indians living on the mainland had a fortune in gold and silver. Keeping in mind that fact that there was little social mobility on Spain, it is also probable that Pizarro wanted to obtain the role and riches of a noble that he could never get back home. Too, there was the fact that all of the Indians must be Christianized, and because of the presence of Luque it is evident that this was one of their objectives. November 16th, 1532 With his army of just 180 mercenary soldiers, Spanish captain Francisco de Pizarro conquered the Inca fortress of Cajamarca with its defense force of 30,000 warriors. When the Inca god-King Atahualpa fell into the hands of the conquerors so did his people’s legendary treasure the Inca gold, blood of the Sun God. This documentary follows the history of a conquest that started with Pizarro’s greed for gold and glory and ended with the demise of a great civilization. This is the story of a poor, uneducated swine herdsman whose goal was gold and glory.