Episode 3 Human Sacrifice


Graphic images contained in this program. Blood for the Gods is the Discovery Channel documentary series that looks at rituals of death and self mutilation throughout history. From fertility sacrifices to death rituals these acts of mutilation and death were committed for one reason, to gain favor with their gods. Through re-enactments, expert analysis and computer graphics, we see the stories behind the bloody acts, and learn why these cultures committed them. See sacrifices like the Pawnee Fertility Sacrifice, where arrows were shot into young women. Learn about African Royal Beheading, where warring African kings would behead their foes to try to gain superpowers against their enemies. See the stories of the West African secret society the Leopard Men, and their reign of terror. Learn about Chinese Body Chopping, the Egyptian Throat Slash, Aztec Body Skinning and Heart Removal and more, learning what cultural significance they had and which gods they were trying to appease. Tune in for stories of violent acts done in the name of pleasing the gods in the documentary series from the Discovery Channel, Blood for the Gods.
Episode 1 Fertility Sacrifices – This episode explores the truth behind ancient fertility sacrifices.
Episode 2 Blood and Power – Explores ancient Egyptian and Chinese death rituals.
Episode 3 Bloodthirsty – For many cultures, human sacrifice was the only thing that would calm an angry, irrational and bloodthirsty god. From the sacrifice of Isaac in the Bible, to the terrifying Viking rite call “The Blood Eagle the gods often commanded blood for favors.