Episode 6 A Clash Of Kings The Battle Of The Boyne


Battlefield Britain is about famous battles in the history of Great Britain. From Boudicca’s destructive rebellion against the Romans to the incredible feats of The Few who saw off the Luftwaffethese battles all had wide-reaching consequences and implications for the future of the British isles. Presented by father and son team Peter and Dan Snow. Peter explains the battleplans of the generals while Dan explores the sites to give the perspective of the common soldier, sailors and airmen. The episodes also featured interviews with soldiers from both sides, re-enactments of the battles and computer generated scenes with bird eye views and blocks to show troop movement.
Episode 1 Boudicca’s Rebellion Against The Romans – Find out what really happened when Boudicca stood up against the mighty Roman Empire in 60AD.
Episode 2 The Battle of Hastings – Heralding the beginning of the Norman Conquest, the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when William the Conqueror faced King Harold on the south coast, was one of the bloodiest and most important battles ever fought on British soil.
Episode 3 Owain Glyn Dwr And The Battle For Wales – A look at the Battle for Wales in 1403 and the leader of the Welsh rebellion, Owain Glyndwr.
Episode 4 The Spanish Armada – Britain’s defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 was a victory against one of the great seagoing nations. The dramatic events helped seal the British reputation as a seafaring people.
Episode 5 Routing The Royals The Battle of Naseby – The Battle of Naseby in 1645 saw Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army win the decisive battle of the English Civil War, effectively bringing an end to the absolute power of the monarchy.
Episode 6 Battle of the Boyne – The story of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 – the effects of which are still having consequences in everyday life in Ireland today.
Episode 7 Culloden The Jacobites’ Last Stand – The Battle of Culloden in 1746 was the last pitched battle on British soil and brought an end to Bonnie Prince Charlie’s rebellion, securing the crown of Britain for the House of Hanover.
Episode 8 Their Finest Hour, The Battle Of Britain – The final installment looks to the skies for the Battle of Britain and the RAF’s struggle to prevent a Nazi invasion in the darkest days of World War II when Britain stood alone.