Episode 1 Caligula


Take an innovative look at some of the world s most fascinating iconic, and ruthless leaders as this series cuts through the folklore to present precise portraits of characters from history. Using the latest historical discoveries, forensic science tests, archaeological finds, analysis of torture instruments, and battlefield dynamics, this series sheds light on these leaders and how they really came to power (most killed off family members); treated their subjects, friends, and family; were so successful in keeping their power; demonstrated battlefield leadership; and achieved such spectacular transformations at home. Expert interviews, on-location shots, and CGI help to re-create their environments and provide stunning reenactments. The historical figure is placed on an Ancients Behaving Badly Psychograph ‘The y-axis rates them from goal driven killer to psychopathic murderer, while the x-axis measures individual pathologies. Although events are depicted in a serious manner, the series has an occasionally tongue-in-cheek narrative style. Narrated by Tom McCamus.
Episode 1 Caligula – Documentary revealing the location where Caligula met a bloody death, and investigating the childhood trauma that left the Roman ruler with a serious personality disorder.
Episode 2 Attila the Hun – Documentary examining what drove Attila the Hun to bring down the Roman Empire, and a look at how the Hungarian was demonised by the Romans to hide their own failings.
Episode 3 Julius Caesar – Experts consider whether Julius Caesar was a genuine Roman hero, the founder of an empire and a brilliant general, or a power-seeker who rose through genocide and sexual conquests.
Episode 4 Alexander the Great – documentary using the latest historical discoveries, forensic science and archaeological finds to shed new light on history’s most infamous figures, beginning with Alexander the Great. Becoming king at the age of 20, he never lost a battle and was ruler of half the known world by 30, but died two years later. Psychological analysis reveals a man who believed he was a god, and examines how he began to lose control of his men.
Episode 5 Nero – Psychological experts examine the life of Roman emperor Nero and reveal that he may not have been the cruel tyrant that everyone thought he was.
Episode 6 Hannibal – Examining historical evidence of the legendary Carthaginian commander Hannibal, revealing the real man who led his army over the Alps to defeat the Romans. Documentary using the latest discoveries, forensic science and archaeological finds to shed new light on history’s most infamous figures.
Episode 7 Genghis Khan – The latest historical discoveries, forensic science and archaeological finds shed new light on Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan, whose armies killed more than a million people in the 13th century. The documentary investigates his villainous deeds and examines the warlord’s notorious sexual appetite.
Episode 8 Cleopatra – Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, known for her powers of seduction, stops at nothing to get her own way, including murdering members of her own family.