The Lost Treasurey of the Alexandria Library


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Over 2000 years ago the now stark sprawling ruin of AlexandriaEgypt was probably the most important center for learning in the world. Here men first figured out the size of the world and the number of stars in the sky. There were laboratories, gardens, medical school, and over 1/2 million books. The ancient library in Alexandria, Egypt educated some of the most brilliant minds ever known. It’s corridors may hold the secrets of centuries of knowledge. The seeds of the west’s present day culture were sewn in it’s old gallery rooms. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the library at Alexandria is that it lasted for over 6 centuries and yet ruins may be all that remains. Founding of the Library at Alexandria has been called the beginning of modern history. More than just a library, it was the first world research center. For hundreds of years Alexandria invited dignitaries from around the world to study in it’s library halls Resident scholars could live, eat learn and work with visitors who brought important new information to Alexandria. Apparently all that is left of the legendary library is the modern excavation called the of Serepium, a secondary structure built when the original library began to overflow with books and people. The Serepium teases with just a glimpse of the library’s illustrious past. Over 3 million people live in present day Alexandria, mostly muslims, it is Egypts second largest city and home to a port, it was founded by Alexander due to it’s location. It was ideally suited to be the center of thought, culture and activity. Did Alexander the Great, the warrior, envision a library here?