Ancient Monster Hunters


Paleontologists scour the Mediterranean searching for remains of the ancient beasts that might have inspired Homer’s incredible tales. The Greek myths are filled with magical tales of transformationtragic episodes of human pettiness and jealousy, inspiring accounts of courage and valor, and legions of gods and heroes. But perhaps the most compelling stories are those of creatures like the one eyed cyclops and the ferocious half-lion, half-eagle known as the griffin. Ancient Monster Hunters follows a group of paleontologists as they explore newly translated evidence and examine remains that just may have inspired tales of these legendary monsters. Travel to the island of Samos, said to be the site of an Amazon battlefield, and analyze the gigantic bones found there. New data suggest the ancients actually searched for, excavated, measured and displayed these massive fossils. Meet the monsters that just might link the Greek classical age with earth’s prehistoric past.