The Abyss


BBC One comes live from the abyss. Over a unique day of broadcastslive pictures are beamed up from the very depths of the ocean as tiny submersibles search for the weird creatures first encountered in the documentary series The Blue Planet hosted by David Attenborough. Off the Californian coast, Peter Snow and underwater cameraman Mike deGruy comment on the action as a remote operated vehicle dives live to 2,000 meters beneath them. Keen divers Kate Humble and Alastair Fothergill (Blue Planet) share their extraordinary experiences of diving in tiny submersibles. Kate takes an eight hour, 300 meter dive in the Caribbean, and Alastair dives a mile and a half down on the mid-Atlantic Ridge. In this ambitious documentary, a remotely operated vehicle and two manned submersibles scour the darkness of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Caribbean to bring back footage from depths that diver’s cameras cannot reach. This cutting edge technology reveals rare footage of animals and ocean scenes including a whole community of life living independently of the Sun’s energy, super heated water columns laden with metals and sulphides that belch out into the ocean as thick black clouds and sea life so weird and wonderful that it wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction film. Produced by BBC One a.k.a. BBC Natural History Unit.